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Resolutions For Mischievous Cats

January 3 2022

Happy New Year! As we leave 2022 behind and roll into 2023, many of us are focused on making resolutions for the coming year. Of course, our feline friends have some plans of their own … and many of them are focused on mischief! A Urbana, IL vet lists some resolutions for frisky furballs below.

Catch The Red Dot

Fluffy has been trying to catch her glowing red nemesis for years, with little success. Maybe 2023 will be the year she finally gets that mysterious spot of color!

Help The Human

Many kitties have it pretty easy. Fluffy gets to basically lounge around all day, soaking up the sun and waiting for us to feed them. However, they aren’t completely unappreciative of these luxuries. Your kitty will try to show her appreciation by ‘helping’ with things like changing sheets, chasing moths out of the house, and being a lap warmer.

Work On My Pounce

Fluffy is cute, cuddly, and hilarious, not to mention very sleepy. It can be easy to forget that kitties are actually very capable hunters. Give your furry pal lots of toys to practice on!

Sprint Speed

Kitties may spend the vast majority of their time snoozing, but they do have those occasional moments of zoominess. Fluffy may want to improve her down-the-hall sprint speeds this year.

Purrfect Golf Skills

Does your cat sometimes smack things off counters and tabletops? No one is quite sure why our feline buddies do this. Fluffy has definitely taken out her fair share of nic nacs! At some point this year, your furball will knock something onto the floor, and then look at you with a completely smug expression.

Midnight Zoomies

Cats certainly do work on their own schedules. One thing on Fluffy’s agenda? A few rounds of midnight madness. (Tip: if your kitty is waking you up at night, tire her out before bed with a fun play session.)

Be Adorable

It’s a good thing that cats are cute, because they certainly can be a handful. The more mischief Fluffy gets into, the more charming she’ll act!


Even the silliest furball can’t spend all her time wreaking havoc. Your feline pal will need lots of time to recharge. Make sure she has lots of comfy beds.

As your Urbana, IL animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care in 2023 and beyond. Call us anytime!

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