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Signs Of Sickness In Cats

January 16 2022

Cats are known for being pretty expressive. You can always tell when a kitty is feeling angry, playful, or affectionate. It’s not that easy to tell when Fluffy isn’t feeling well, though. Our feline buddies often try to hide signs of sickness. That, unfortunately, means you may not notice anything until your cute pet is very sick. Keep a close eye on Fluffy! A Champaign, IL vet lists some things to watch for below.


Needless to say, hiding doesn’t necessarily indicate sickness in shy cats. However, most kitties should emerge from their hiding spots by supper, and/or when things quiet down. If your furry pal doesn’t want to leave her chosen spot, she could be ill.

Poor Grooming

There’s an exception on this one as well: older cats often have a hard time cleaning themselves, just because they can be so stiff and sore. That said, greasy, matted, or unkempt fur is often a warning sign.

Lack Of Appetite

Most of our feline patients take their meal schedules very, very seriously. If Fluffy just doesn’t seem very interested in eating, there could be something going on with her.

Weight Changes

With cats, a gain or loss of even a pound or two can be significant, if not always easy to spot. We recommend weighing kitties at least once a week. The easiest way to do this is to step on a scale, weigh yourself, and then pick Fluffy up and weigh yourself again.

Behavioral Changes

Anything that is out of the ordinary for your furry buddy can be a red flag. For instance, an affectionate cat that suddenly starts acting aggressive could be sick.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory problems should always be taken very seriously with our feline friends. Fluffy should breathe quietly and easily, at least when she isn’t meowing at you about something. Coughing, gasping, and wheezing are all warning signs.

Tummy Troubles

Like people, pets may have the occasional upset stomach … or in Fluffy’s case, hairball. However, frequent, repeated, or extreme vomiting and/or diarrhea can be signs of illness.

Litterbox Woes

If Fluffy is avoiding her litterbox, spending too much time in it, or having difficulty going, contact your vet right away. This can be indicative of serious problems!

Call us, your Champaign, IL pet clinic, immediately if you see any of these red flags. We’re here to help!

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