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Signs That Your Dog Needs Emergency Care

October 21 2021

Dogs are very intelligent, and they can be quite communicative. Fido usually doesn’t have too much trouble letting on when he needs a walk or is requesting treats, playtime, or attention. However, Man’s Best Friend isn’t always that clear when it comes to letting on that he’s sick. That’s why it’s important for pet owners to know what to look for. Here, a Urbana, IL vet lists some signs that your canine companion needs immediate care.

Reduced Appetite

Man’s Best Friend has a very healthy appetite, and is quite fond of food and treats. If your pooch doesn’t seem interested in his dinner, there could be something going on with him.


With pets, there can be a fine line between lethargy and laziness. However, even if Fido is a couch potato, he should perk up for walks, meals, toys, and treats. A pup that’s just lying around and doesn’t seem to have any energy could be sick.


Fido is usually quite lovable, and often wants to stick near his humans. However, if your furry bff is acting withdrawn or listless, and is spending time by himself, he could be ill.


If Fido doesn’t feel well, he may have trouble getting comfortable. He may sit in an unusual position, such as with his head to the wall. He may also pace or keep getting up and down.

Breathing Trouble

Fido should breathe quietly and smoothly, perhaps panting a little if he’s been running or playing. If your canine buddy is wheezing, gasping, coughing, or just seems out of breath, call your vet.


Fido may occasionally get an upset stomach, just like people do. However, frequent or excessive rounds of vomiting or diarrhea could be indications that something’s going on.

Unusual Vocalizations

If Fido is sick or hurting, he may bark, whine, whimper, or howl. He may even growl a bit, especially if you touch a sore spot.


Dogs often lick or worry at sore spots. For instance, an arthritic dog may nibble at his paw.

Other Symptoms

These are just a few red flags. Some others include an extended abdomen, pale gums, an elevated pulse, fever, trembling, and excessive thirst. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of these or any other uncharacteristic behavior.

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