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Resolutions For Lazy Cats

January 1 2023

Happy New Year! Do you have major goals in mind for 2023? If so, that’s great! It’s probably safe to say that most of our feline friends are keeping their resolutions pretty low key … if they can be bothered to make any at all. Read on as a local Champaign, IL vet lists some things Fluffy  may—or may not—want to accomplish this year.

Proper Fur Distribution

Kitties do take their household duties very seriously. Fluffy may decide to be a bit more precise in leaving fur around your house this year. For instance, she may make it a point to shed on that one chair she has so far left alone.

Control The Human

Our feline overlords are really good at wrapping us around their paws. If Fluffy doesn’t have you trained yet, she may very well work on that in 2023.

Learn Something New

Many people choose resolutions that involve trying new things, whether it’s learning a new cooking style or trying a fun craft. Our furry buddies actually have pretty lofty educational goals.  Fluffy may want to take a crack at nuclear science, string theory, or quantum physics. The catch? She’ll learn by osmosis … specifically, by sleeping atop a phone, laptop, tablet, or computer.


Have you ever noticed why cats look so smug and all-knowing? Fluffy meditates every day, with the focus on connecting with the universe and achieving inner peace … and complete world domination.

Get In Shape

Physical fitness is a very popular goal for people, and it’s actually also at the top of the list for kitties. Fluffy will try to pounce at least once this year!

Improve Napping Times

Senior cats can nap up to 20 hours a day. However, it takes time for them to reach that expert level. Fluffy may try to ramp up from 25 daily naps to 32 this year. Your furball may also want to try new positions.

Comfort The Human

Our feline overlords really are furry little bundles of love, that keep us smiling and lift our spirits on bad days. Fluffy will be an adorable, purring source of support for you on bad days. Kitty cuddles are truly precious! 

All of us here at Good Friends Animal Hospital, your Champaign, IL animal hospital, wish you a wonderful new year. We look forward to providing top-notch care in 2023 and beyond! 

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