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Fluffy’s Most Pressing Questions

January 15 2023

There’s a pretty important kitty holiday coming up: January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline pals are known for their curiosity, so it would be interesting to hear what they’d ask about if they could talk to us. Here, a Champaign, IL vet lists some of the things Fluffy probably wants to know.

Is It Dinner Time Yet?

Kitties clearly understand the importance of good nutrition. Fluffy may very well melt down if her (third) breakfast is late!

Why Did You Wake Me Up?

Cats are nothing if not opportunistic, especially when it comes to napping spots. Sooner or later, your furball is going to doze off on something you actually need, whether it be your computer, desk, blanket, or chair. (Kitties are also notorious for sleeping in all sorts of odd spots, such as plants, lasagna pots, and suitcases, but that’s another topic.)

Where Is My Sunbeam?

Cats don’t actually run on solar power, though we aren’t sure that anyone has managed to explain that to them yet. You may find Fluffy moving around from nap to nap so she can soak up as much sun as possible.

Why Is There Another Cat In My Yard?

Fluffy is very territorial, and may get quite upset to find a strange kitty strolling across her lawn. Your furball may respond to this intruder by hissing, growling, or making clicking noises … or just silently glaring at her feline nemesis.

Why Did You Take My Toy?

Your feline buddy is a hunter at heart. Fluffy loves to jump, pounce, and, well, kill things. However, she doesn’t exactly know what is and isn’t safe for her. In fact, many cats seem to naturally be drawn to the things that aren’t. Don’t let your furry friend play with anything small or sharp! Items with ropes or cords are also unsafe, as are plastic bags and toxic plants.

Why Are You Catnapping Me?

Your furry pal will be much healthier—and therefore, happier—with proper veterinary care. However, she doesn’t quite understand that. Fluffy tends to get very disconcerted by being put into the carrier and taken on a (gasp!) car ride. It’s all in her best interests, of course, but she doesn’t understand that.

Please feel free to contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. As your Champaign, IL animal clinic, we are here to help! 

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