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Spoil Your Dog Day

August 2 2022

One of Fido’s favorite days is just around the corner: August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day! While we think that our canine companions deserve to feel loved and spoiled every day, this is a great time to pay your pooch some extra attention. A Urbana, IL vet lists a few things you can do to celebrate below.


Treats are always a surefire way to get that tail going. Store-bought treats are fine, but you can also try your hand at making stuff. For instance, to make your own jerky, just slice beef, fish, or poultry into thin strips and cook at a low temperature for several hours. Check recommended times and temps for whatever type of meat you’re using.


Toys aren’t just about entertainment for dogs: they keep Fido occupied and out of trouble, offer him stimulation, and strengthen the bond between you. Playing is also a great workout for the pup.


Did you know that many dogs actually like to learn new things? If Fido hasn’t finished his basic training yet, work on that first. It’s important for pups to know simple commands like Sit, Stay, and Come. Once your pooch has those down, you can start showing him some cute tricks like Shake or Gimme Paw.


Dogs often ove to go out on adventures with their humans. Check out a local park or trail system you haven’t been to before. Just don’t overexert your canine buddy! Also, be sure to bring plenty of water along for him.

New Digs

A new bed is a wonderful way to spoil your furry pal. It doesn’t matter if Fido already has one: it’s always nice to have options!

Yard Pupgrade

Does your canine pal have a yard to play in? Take some steps to make it more dog-friendly. A doghouse is a great option, but Fido may also enjoy a kiddie pool or sandbox. A new fence may also be worth looking into.

Pupscription Box

There are now subscription boxes for almost everything. You can sign your furry best friend up for his very own! We probably don’t have to tell you how adorable it is watching Fido get excited over his ‘mail’ every month.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Is Fido due for an exam or wellness care? Contact us, your Urbana, IL animal clinic, today!

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