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Signs Your Cat Is Planning World Domination

June 15 2022

Did you know that June 24th is Cat World Domination Day? This may sound fun and silly, but don’t forget that Fluffy did manage to convince the ancient Egyptians to worship her. Are our feline buddies plotting to take over the world? A local Champaign, IL vet points out a few ‘pawsible’ clues in this article.

Martial Arts Training

Fluffy may look cute and innocent when she is batting at a catnip mouse or pouncing on your shoelaces, but don’t be fooled. Your furry little buddy is actually working on her combat skills!


Have you ever found your furball snoozing on a book, magazine, or newspaper of yours? Chances are, you probably have. Fluffy may be trying to absorb that information by osmosis. This type of learning of course wouldn’t work for us. However, our feline friends do seem to have their own set of guidelines when it comes to the laws of physics.

Finicky Furballs

Kitties are known for being picky eaters. Fluffy will turn her cute nose up at anything that is even slightly distasteful to her. Perhaps your ambitious little pet is already thinking of herself as a supreme being, and simply won’t settle for anything less than perfection.


Does your kitty sometimes get a cattitude? Fluffy isn’t shy about yelling at her humans when she wants food, toys,or attention … or sometimes nothing at all!

Ancient Clues

If one wanted solid evidence of Fluffy’s plans, you really couldn’t do any better than the Sphinx. If cats did manage to take over the world, one could probably expect to find similar monuments popping up all over the world.


Is your cat asleep right now? Chances are, she probably is. Why do kitties spend so much time napping? They’re just trying to make sure they’re well-rested for the big takeover!


Cats sometimes like to rub against their humans’ legs. This may seem cute, but it seems that Fluffy may have an ulterior motive here. She’s secretly training herself to be able to trip people!


Fluffy can melt hearts when she cuddles up to you or just looks at you with that adorable loving expression cats get. Kitties are very good at wrapping us humans around their paws!

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