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Keeping Kitty Indoors

June 15 2023

Have you recently adopted a kitty? Good for you! You’ve got a few pretty important decisions to make, as far as your feline pal’s care goes. Not only will you need to choose the purrfect name for Fluffy, you’ll have to decide what kind of food to get her and where to put the litterbox. You’ll also need to choose whether or not to let her go outdoors. We would strongly advise against this, and for good reason. A Champaign, IL vet discusses grounding your furball in this article.

Potential Hazards

Fluffy may see herself as a lion, but she’s actually very small, and can get into all sorts of trouble in the Great Outdoors. Traffic is one major threat. Sadly, many cats are killed or seriously injured by cars every year. Wild animals pose another threat. Even other kitties can seriously injure your furry buddy, and/or pass on dangerous diseases. Weather and chemical exposure also pose serious threats to a curious kitty.

Getting Lost

Not all of the hazards that endanger kitties outdoors are external. Your feline friend could also simply get lost. Snow and rain can make scents and landmarks that help Fluffy mentally map her location. Older cats are also at risk because of cognitive decline. Just like people, kitties in their golden years can get confused and forgetful. Your furry pal could also just wander too far one day.

Keeping A Grounded Cat Purring

The key to keeping Fluffy happy indoors? Provide lots of entertainment and stimulation. Catios and kitty enclosures are great options, as they allow your pet to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while keeping her safe. Ask your vet for specific advice.


If you do decide to let your feline buddy go out, take a few precautions to help keep her safe. Make sure Fluffy is fixed, microchipped, and up to date on all recommended vaccines and parasite control. ID tags are also very important. You may want to look into getting GPS tags, which will help you monitor your furball’s whereabouts. Don’t let your furball out at night or when the weather is bad, and make sure she has water and an emergency shelter outside. Ideally, you’d want to keep your kitty confined within a securely fenced yard.

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