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Doodle Dog Day

September 15 2023

Is your canine buddy a Doodle? Mark your calendar for September 22nd: it’s Doodle Dog Day! Doodles, as you may know, are a subset of pups. These very good boys (and girls) all have one thing in common: they’re Poodle mixes. A local Champaign, IL vet offers some insight into Doodles below.


Let’s start with focusing on the originator of all doodles: the Poodle. Poodles seem to have a reputation for being a pampered, companion dog, but in truth they are extremely smart. In fact, Fido was ranked second in a list of best working dog breeds. From 1960 to 1982, they were the breed most registered by the AKC. It’s not hard to see why, either. These pooches are extremely versatile and trainable. They have been used by the military since the 1700’s, and were also extremely popular circus performers. Today, they are particularly popular for those with allergies, as they do not shed or produce as much dander as many other pups.

First Doodle

It’s hard to put a finger—or a paw—on exactly when the Doodle dogs started bounding onto the scene, but it’s likely that the Labradoodle was the first. Fido was bred by Australia’s Royal Guide Dogs Association, who wanted a great guide dog that wouldn’t shed. The adorable and extremely popular GoldenDoodle was another early appearance.

All The Doodles

There’s no official count of how many Doodles are out there today. The AKC does not officially recognize any of them as unique breeds. There are poodle mixes of nearly any breed you can think of. These include the Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel), Schnoodle (Schnauzer), Sheepadoodle (Sheep Dog), Maltipoo (Maltese), Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepard), and Bordoodle (Border Collie). That’s Oodles Of Doodles!

Doodle Care Tips

Because Doodles pretty much run the spectrum of dog breeds, there really are no breed-specific care tips that apply to them as a whole.  You’ll want to do research into both Poodles and whatever the other half of Fido’s parentage is. That said, there are a few things to be aware of when it comes to adopting Doodles. These dogs are very popular with puppy mills, which have horrendous reputations. Vet your breeder carefully. Or, adopt your Doodle from a shelter. Another suggestion? If you have a Doodle or a Poodle, be sure to give your canine pal a special treat next week!

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