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Cuddly Kitten Day

March 15 2022

Did you know that Cuddly Kitten Day is March 28th? We think kittens should be cuddled every day! As it turns out, snuggling with your feline pal has some very curious and wonderful benefits for both you and your furry buddy. A local Champaign, IL vet lists some reasons why in this article.


It’s hard not to smile when Fluffy starts her engine. That soft rumble is not only comforting and relaxing, it’s also a way of communicating. When your furball is vibrating, she’s letting you know that she’s okay. This is something that kittens start when they’re nursing. Cats can’t meow and suckle at the same time, so they at some point decided to just start vibrating instead. (Note: Despite popular belief, our feline friends don’t only purr when they’re happy. They also do it when they’re sick or scared, likely as a way to soothe themselves.)


Cuddling cats is bound to put a smile on your face, and it’s a pretty good way to wind down after a long day. However, that isn’t the only reason to do it. Snuggling with your furry buddy really reinforces the bond between you. It helps Fluffy feel loved and safe, which is very important. When you snuggle your kitty, a special hormone is released in both of you. This hormone, called Oxytocin, is called the Love Hormone or Cuddle Hormone. It’s also released in cuddling mothers and their babies. It reinforces feelings of love and happiness.

Sleep Schedule

Many cats like to curl up with their humans at night. (Kitties are also notorious for stealing beds, but that’s another topic.) Your furry friend may even adjust her napping schedule so she can sleep beside you when you go to bed. Fluffy is also both a cute sleep aid and a pretty effective alarm clock.


There are really only a few rules when it comes to cuddling cats. First and foremost? Don’t force attention on your kitty. If Fluffy wants to get down, let her go. The only other thing is to just be careful about how you hold your feline buddy. If you pick her up, make sure her weight is supported properly. Never hold your furball by the midsection: that can actually cause internal injuries!

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